Six Employer Insights for Assuring EEOC Compliance eBook


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Caring, common sense and simply following the “Golden Rule” can go a long way towards creating a business environment that ensures equal treatment for all and an absence of discrimination and harassment. But business owners, like all of us, have blind spots that must be recognized and looked for to determine whether exposures that could unknowingly lead to EEOC inquiry or investigation are present in their workplace.

In the pages that follow, we examine ten points of emphasis from the EEOC’s own recent study of infractions and investigations and our own findings from work with client partners on this issue. One thing is for certain, “we didn’t know” is not a defense for employers to rest on. Don’t let a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of EEOC’s rules and policies negatively affect your reputation, resources and business.

Download this valuable eBook to reduce your chances of being accused or investigated.


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