Payroll is a never ending, time-consuming and exposure-filled endeavor for employers. Keeping on top of every detail, tax factors, and countless other variables week after week can take all-important energy and attention away from business building priorities.

At DHR, we make payroll easy. Our payroll specialists give you confidence that every detail is expertly handled and satisfaction in knowing that your employees enjoy the consistency they expect and the options they desire.

Our specific payroll and tax services include:

  • Assumption of federal, state, and unemployment tax liabilities
  • Provide income and employment verification
  • Payroll processing
  • Processing and distribution of year end W-2's
  • Payment of withholding taxes
  • New hire packets with updated tax forms and Form I-9
  • E-verify
  • Administration of child support orders, state tax levies, IRS levies, student loan garnishments, writs of garnishment
  • New hire setup
  • Mailing or delivery of checks and payroll reports
  • Tracking of personal / vacation / sick time off
  • Direct deposit setup



Contact us today and find out just how cost-effective and comforting our payroll and tax solutions can be.

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