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Respect. Performance. Results. When Akeem Ayeni became CEO of Platt College in 2008, he set a high bar for the Southern California college’s faculty and staff. An operations and turnaround expert, Akeem saw the unrealized potential of the two-campus vocational school and set off on a development and growth plan founded on respect of students and employees, high job performance and delivering results.

Akeem recognized his plan would require that each employee operate at high level of performance and in compliance with a host of crucial regulations associated with vocational education. Additionally, Akeem understood that in a professional environment where an organization’s ‘product’ is instruction and where employees have daily interaction with customers, his staff would require a high degree of professional HR support. He couldn’t simply distribute manuals, broadcast emails and sponsor webinars to deliver the results he expected. He needed tailored employee training, compliance monitoring, needs analysis and customized programs. His employees would require face-to-face interaction with an experienced, knowledgeable HR team. Akeem turned to DHR.

As an operations expert, Akeem understood the benefits of outsourcing the human resources function. For about the same cost as an internal HR employee, he can have a team of experts at his disposal. In addition to the dedicated HR specialist who is on campus up to two days a week, DHR provides training and risk management specialists, and the entire customized solution is overseen by employment law attorneys who frequently save Akeem the trouble and cost of engaging outside legal counsel.

DHR wasn’t the first company Akeem called. He considered a national payroll firm that also offers some human resource services, but in the end he chose DHR because of their flexibility and ability to offer a ‘high touch’ approach. “The other guys I would describe as high-tech, low touch,” comments Akeem. “Their HR services are online and self-service. I needed a firm that has the online capabilities, but more importantly a firm that understands my organization and its needs, supports our mission and delivers professional, personal on-site HR support.”

Today, DHR provides multiple HR services for Platt College, including recruiting, on-boarding, policy creation, regulatory compliance, training, employee termination and payroll. Of particular note is the exceptional job DHR has done monitoring and managing regulatory compliance and having a knowledgeable team who understand the “do’s and don’ts” of workers compensation, OSHA requirements and industry specific regulations.

“DHR is on top of these issues, and I don’t have to worry about it. I have complete confidence that DHR is taking care of the smallest details,” comments Akeem. “It allows me to focus on areas where I can be better utilized.”

Shifting operational models from internal to outsourcing can be difficult, but the transition to DHR went much more smoothly than Akeem anticipated. “The ease of the transition exceeded my expectations.” And Akeem notes that DHR is very supportive of the Platt College culture. He is pleased with DHR and particularly appreciates the responsiveness and meaningful guidance DHR provides his employees.

When asked about Platt College’s progress towards reaching its potential, Akeem credits DHR in helping his team achieve their objectives: “DHR came up to speed quickly, is supportive of our culture, and brings a breadth of expertise to the function that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.”

For Akeem the cost-benefit analysis is simple: dollar for dollar, DHR’s experience and productivity far outweigh what any one individual can provide in the HR function.

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