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eBook: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Community Ratings Requirements

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Since the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to extend health insurance coverage to more Americans, confusion has persisted for many employers as to how it affects their business and what they must do to ensure their compliance.

Contributing to this confusion is an array of ACA updates that have arisen over the last several years. Staying abreast of these changes as well as understanding how ACA requirements differ for each company based on size, location and other variables can be quite challenging.

Download DHR's eBook for an overview of important components contained in the ACA, including the newly established Community Rating System, and learn what you need to do to ensure your employees and your business is protected.

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FLSA eBook: 9 Questions Every Employer Asks About the FLSA

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For many employers, staying up to date on FLSA revisions while at the same time attending to the details that ensure you remain in compliance can be quite the challenge. Fortunately, most employers want to do right by their workers and consistently seek clarity to ensure their good standing.

Perhaps the largest group of FLSA-related questions we’ve received over the past two years have centered on recent updates to the FLSA’s overtime policies and requirements. We’ll tackle that topic in the pages that follow as well as provide answers to other common FLSA questions our employer partners have frequently raised.

Some answers may serve as simple reminders or highlight areas where your organization is sound. Other answers may illuminate opportunities for improvement or exposures that compel action. In either case, we hope this e-book will prove helpful in reflecting on your current and future management of FLSA requirements.

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