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About Us

Human Resources

DHR supports client companies in many aspects of human resource (HR) administration. We can develop employee manuals, handle unemployment insurance claims and assist with policies and procedures. Our clients enjoy having access to our human resource professionals who can guide them in making their businesses a better place to work and help decrease employee turnover.

You can trust DHR to make a difference for both you and your employees. Our services will increase your efficiency, simplify your administrative process and reduce your headaches.


DHR Insurance Services, LLC is a company built upon integrity and experience. Through our consultative approach, we are a valued partner to our clients, striving to find the best insurance solution specific to their needs - meeting and exceeding expectations.

Building on outstanding relationships with our insurance company partners, we are able to proactively work with our clients, identifying and responding to the demands of an ever-changing business environment.

With specialists in Business Insurance, Employee Benefits, and Personal Insurance, we are a proven valuable asset to our clients.

Risk Management

DHR can customize safety and risk management programs to fit your specific needs. Our philosophy is that if we give a man a fish we will feed him for a day - If we teach a man to fish we will feed him for a lifetime. Our focus is to help clients help themselves. Our goal is to help you create and maintain a safe workplace, lower your workers' compensation experience modifier, and assist you in increasing productivity through safety. Workers' compensation coverage is provided to client companies.


DHR makes payroll administration a snap. Once a client submits employee work hours, we prepare and deliver checks and related payroll reports in the form you need to run your business. We administer wage garnishments and pay statutory taxes. We file quarterly and annual federal, state, and local tax reports. We perform employment verifications, wage verifications, perform new hire reporting and issue W-2s for employees. No one goes into business to do this administrative work so send it to us. That is what we do all day long.